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Eporting Commercial Goods

 The customers or the suppliers must duly complete the Information Form & complete other documentation for preparing the shipment. Then we will asign an unique VPE REF NO (VPE Reference Number) and S.B.NO (Shipment Booking No.). This process is expected to take 15-20 minutes. To help us to understand your needs and to provide you with our best service, please provide us detailed information on your intended shipment.
A copy of the customer`s passport of citizenship must be filed with the shipping documents.
If a customer wants to use us VPE as the shipper, then traveller`s cheque or foreign currency has to be deposited into our account which should be equivalent to purchase price of intended goods. Once we have been provided an advance payment certificate from the bank, you will be provided Nepalese rupees to commence your buying. This procedure is obligatory for export. Either you can pay your suppliers direct or we can pay them on your behalf.
For the condition to send the shipment on Cash Against Document (CAD) terms, the customer has to fill the request form provided by Speedway Cargo. The validity of the CAD would be 90 days. Therefore, money should arrive in the shipper’s account within 90 days from the date of shipment.
If a customer wants to be a shipper, he/she must be present along with passport while clearing the Nepalse customs and has to provide us the foreign currency exchange receipt from the bank, which should be an equivalent to the goods you have purchased.
In order to pick up goods, a customer has to fill out a Delivery Form Form provided by VPE Cargo and has to inform us at least 24 hrs. in advance. VPE Cargo will pick up the goods from the supplier`s shop, factory, warehouse or hotel. Deliveries from outside addresses will not be accepted.
When VPE is shipper, VPE Cargo will do all the packing of your goods in our warehouse.
We will only accept goods that are accompanied by a supplier`s bill with supplier`s name, company name, address, customer`s name and duly stamped by the supplier. If a customer has no bill for the goods which he/she has purchased from different suppliers, then he/she has to fill the Invoice provided by VPE Cargo.
In case credit given by the supplier, both the customer and the supplier should fill up the agreement form provided by VPE Cargo
You are required to inform us of fragile items as they may require special attention/packaging.
Handling charges for your goods depend on the types of goods and your packaging requirements.       

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